Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We have moved from our bedrooms which went beautifully! Ash rearranged her room and it looks great. I redid our closet which bugs me still but I don't want to do anything (spending money wise) till I know exactly what I want to do. But for now it works. And I did the bathroom closet.

We threw away more stuff than we put in the consignment shop box but thats Ok. Stuff went out the door either way. We also started a container to go in the hayloft. This is stuff I am not ready to get rid of but its in the way in our little house. I also have a stack of homeschool books I would like to sell. If your interested let me know and I will send you a list of what I have.

This morning I pureed a pile of vidalia onions that have been sitting on the counter they are in the oven right now on 200 to dry them. With luck we will have homemade minced onions. Its smells so oniony in the house. Good thing we like them.

We are moving to the kitchen today and the pantry. Yesterday I canned the 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes they made 14 pints and 2 quarts of pizza sauce. Its amazing how much it takes to make a pint. :) I did the pantry already the only thing I really want to do is reorganize my seeds and yesterday I emptied a container that will work, I think.

The pantry is just a little closet by the front door that was a coat closet we put shelves in. It works really well. But we also use it for every day stuff I want to change that to stockpiling only closet. The stuff we use daily I am going to put in the kitchen with the other stuff. With Hurricane season on us we went thru our 72 hour kit yesterday and that is fine and we have enough water for us. All I need to do is fill the 55 gallon drums in the barn for animals and misc things.

The kitchen and laundry room are almost done. I might get the living room done today as well. But I might save it for tomorrow. So I don't get tired and stop in the middle of a mess. It already is a mess by the front door with a big bag for tossing, container for storing, and consignment box.

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