Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well the maters are cooking down as I type. We finished the 3 buckets left last night, at least the hard part coring and peeling. I am so thankful! But next year Handsome wants to do a years worth of tomato products. We guesstimated and that will be 28 buckets mostly tomatoes at 7 qts a bucket.

Yes, he thinks BIG he is 6'2" and not on the tiny side! But that includes salsa, sauce, diced, etc. We will see how long this batch lasts us and then plan accordingly.

Today we read more on the industrial revolution and each child picked a side and said what the pros and cons were. Yguy, I gave him the pros since he is all for technology and making life alot easier as soon as something is invented to do his chores and wake up early for him he will be in heaven! Ash, got the cons since she is my old fashion girl she is alot like her mother. She came up with things that we haven't even read about it was fun seeing what they saw in the advances of our world.

Speaking of advances in our world I have read some interesting posts this week on other blogs about simplifing our lives, cutting back on the I want's, and going back to our roots. I found a blog which I know is now my FAVORITE! Aimee I think you will like it! Its called Living off grid at Eclectic Culture Farm I know its a mouth full but it is great and makes me repeat to myself often Thou shall not covet!

Today I used up 2 zukes for whole wheat zucchini bread, used the dewberries that have been sittin in the freezer for 2 years and made freezer jam. Yes they were OK they looked like the day we picked them so pretty. And the kids are in the hose right now.

Tonight for dinner fresh picked green beans, fresh picked butternut squash or spagetti squash haven't decided, sliced tomatoes, and Ritzy chicken. Oh and an Apple Sauce Cake that is so moist and good. I'll share the recipe later.

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