Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomatoes being cooked down to sauce... Yum!

"sundried" tomatoes I am thinking of Sundried tomato herb bread for one thing to make.

The kids playing in the mud and hose. Its VERY hot right now and dry so this is a cooling activity.

Yguy and I made rolls last week 50 of them and we froze most and had some for pulled pork sandwiches Sunday after church.

The one of the many pressure canner batches cooling.

Ash's bread! She made this with very little help. I added the oats to the top. I showed her how to roll it to form a loaf hers on the left looks much better than mine.

second rising

Setting the table and getting ready for handsome to come home. Flowers from the garden and a candle on the table. He likes a oil lamp lite but I put a candle this time.

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