Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Freezing things is something that is very much a luxury. We can freeze anything well just about and the convenience of it is undeniable.

Over the weekend I made 2 batches of choc chip cookies and froze them in cookie size balls for cooking later. Usually I make the dough and roll it into a long log like the cookie dough in the store is sold in. Wrap it in plastic wrap and later cut off what I need.

I am baking these cookies for father's day to hand out at church. And it seemed last year I was rushed and ended up feeling like not doing it. Even though I really wanted to. Well this year our lives are even busier than last so I woke Saturday morning with the idea of freezing them like this for easier baking. So this weekend it will be easy to pop them in the oven no cutting dough, no mixing, and easy clean up.

I would like to do this with bread dough has anyone ever done this or does anyone do this? I would love to hear.

And this is my simple but helpful hint today click on over to Tammy's for even better ideas!

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