Monday, June 15, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... June 15,2009

Outside my window... clear blue sky and sunny. It is already HOT out there. And looks to be just as hot and dry for awhile.
I am thinking... of all the things that need to be done and summer school starting today.
From the learning rooms… we start summer school today and we are doing units each week a quite run through American history. Using the Learning Through History magazine. We start this week with the American Revolution. Also I found an interesting math book at the consignment shop called Fingermath. It is old but I thought since Ash freezes up over any math that we would try this. I played with the first few steps last night and it looks like something I might incorporate in my own life. We also are going to have some fun. Mostly this is for something to do this summer so Yguy mostly isn’t saying “I bored”…. Friday we are going on a treat to a state park near by a nature walk and a swim in the lake.
I am thankful for… my husband and the gospel in our lives. We have come so far and grown so much. We have much farther to go but WOW the difference in us is amazing. Also without the church in our lives we wouldn’t have made friends with wonderful people. People who are loving, excepting, and make our children feel the love Heavenly Father has for us.
From the kitchen.... Yguy is making biscuits all by himself
I am wearing… my walking clothing and still sweaty. But I told Yguy I wouldn’t take a shower till he finishes the biscuits incase he had a question.
I am reading.... Charlotte Mason Companion I found at the consignment shop. And the books for this weeks school.
I am hoping... To complete my list today and get a decent FHE evening together for tonight.
I am hearing... the lovely music list from Eyes of Wonder and my daughter practicing the piano.
Around the house... well we decluttered last week and the weekend wrecked havoc, laundry to do and the little things that happen because we live in a home instead of a museum.
One of my favorite things... early morning family prayer, soft music that fills the house with a soft spirit, flowers and veggies from our garden, a good morning kiss as I am just waking up and a soft voice from hubby telling me its time to get up. One of his bear hugs that make all the worries of the day go away. A funny story from my children, a kitten from the barn running around the house like its her personal play ground. A rare but sweet snuggle from my taller than me 12 yr old son.
A few plans for the rest of the week... a lovely walk at a state park and a dip in the lake, a walk through the American Revolution, my AC being fixed in my van, piano lessons, chores that bless my family, and trying daily to bury myself in the scriptures.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
well four pictures actually. Our weekend Yguy playing with the word magnets on the freezer making a sentence. This is where I put the word of the day and they make a sentence or sentences using it with the word magnets. Ash on the piano she loves playing each song with a different sound she loves the keyboard. I want a real piano I love playing on them. 75 balls of cookie dough for fathers day next week. We will pop them in the oven Saturday to give out Sunday to all the men at church. I just mixed up a double batch and froze them separately like this. And my faithful food tester and floor cleaner. He loves his mama so much when she is in the kitchen and this is where is sits or stands while I cook.

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