Friday, June 19, 2009

Yogurt Anyone!

Look what the mail lady brought me yesterday! I just love it! My bestest aunt in the whole world sent it to me. Well she is my bestest right now I have 4 altogether and they all are great. I don't email them hardly at all :( I am so bad and she still sent it to me!

I have a 1/2 gallon going right now. Milk is on sale for $1.98 at a local place limit 2 today only so we bought 2 at the place, ad matched 2 at walmart and will ad match 4 more tonight. Is that cheating or what? I know I know but hey Yguy actually likes milk and if the boy likes something I kinda load up on it when its on sale. Hes SO picky!

We'll freeze 4 of them for next weeks use so 3 1/2 this week 1/2 being for yogurt and the same next week or 4 full gallons. Why freeze if we are using them next week because if they are in the fridge they will be gone by next thursday when I shop again and 8 gallons in a week could happen, but won't!

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