Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Weekend doings....

Hubby had the weekend off for once! And we had nothing pressing to do which was nice for a change. Our days off don't seem to be ours most of the time so when we get one we run with it.

We are canning green beans a little at a time. Mostly a canner full which is 7 quarts each time.
Which makes it nice we aren't rushing to get them done. We eat some and can some.....I took the above picture outside so I had the natural light and the pretty plant. The jars look so pretty with the green beans and silver lids. I love looking at them on the counter and then in the pantry. What can I say I am a simple person.
Saturday we went to a Upick farm near us the one Ash and I went to a few weeks ago. We picked 5, 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes. I can't wait to get them processed and look at them on the shelves.
On the drive home we figured what we will need for a year and how much it would cost if we bought it all from the store etc. It comes out to cost about the same either way. But last night as I was putting the beans in their jars and adding salt I told handsome (hubby) "this is why we can" I know what is going into those jars. Last night beans, salt, water and that is it. The pizza sauce we had on our pizzas last night no preservatives in them. And I like the pureness of that.

Two more of these buckets are somewhere else but here are three of them. I love they are so pretty! I hope all had a full and productive weekend and if your near our area I hope you stayed cool in our dry 110 heat index. I know some wonderful friends of ours are staying very cool in their pool! And I don't blame them in this heat!

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