Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We like to go on nature walks its all part of our schooling and we just love the outdoors. Well maybe not with the heat so bad right now. Last evening we had our nature observing come to us. Two young armdillos came and visited out by our burn pile and rose bed. They were young and could have cared less about us.

They made these little noises when they were rooting around in the dirt and you could tell when they found a tasty morsel. One all of a sudden was very interested in my long skirt so we went back in the house and watched from the windows they soon went off into the woods. A kitten and one of the adult cats sat on the sidewalk watching but didn't go close to them. I know they were thinking silly humans going so close. But they were young and we didn't threaten them an older one we would have stayed away from.
This is the second time we have had an experience with young ones several years ago we came up on 4 and the park ranger told us they stay in a group when they are young and leave their mother but soon go off on their own.


  1. How cool, I don't think I've ever seen an armadillo in real life.

  2. neat! I too have never seen one of those in real life.


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