Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday....

Friday is a good day and today is no exception! We woke early this morning with a wet walkway. It rained last night and we do need it badly.

But that wasn't the best part Weds a friend told me that Hancock Fabric was having a sale and one of the things was McCall patterns are 99 cents. Of course I drove the 30 minutes to the closest one this morning and picked my 10. Ash and I yesterday were glued to the McCall website looking through their patterns to pick some out so we had our list. We had fun yesterday but even more today.

Skirts, a dress or 2, the same friend picked up a pioneer costume pattern for us the other day so we can sew Ash her pioneer dress, apron, and bonnet for pioneer day on the 25th at the stake center. All I need is a bonnet. I am doing a cooking class and then it is back to our little branch for a southern pioneer day celebration we are going to do it southern style we have researched what people during that time period ate etc and are doing it as close to it as we can. It should be alot of fun. :0)

We rushed back down south and met hubby and coworkers for lunch to celebrate the anniversary of one of his fellow coworkers her hubby is deployed for 18 months and he left last month so we all got together to celebrate with her.

When we got home it was raining but also in the mailbox my new Nourishing Traditions book was in the mail! Excitement abounded for sure. I am selling some homeschool books and used the profit from my last sale and bought it. Of course it was really fun hunting down the best price and I'm sure I found the lowest one at that time since I haven't see it lower even at

Well off I go from this thing till Monday maybe maybe not we will see. At least sometime next week. I am going to do my tidying of the house for the weekend, get church clothing situtated so I don't have to tomorrow, church bags packed, and start cutting out bonnets, aprons, and a dress.

Dinner tonight who can think of it while we all are still very stuffed from lunch. Handsome wants to burn some brush on our burn pile so the kids maybe will roast some hotdogs. Or we will just sit around and read and talk that is always a relaxing friday night hopefully the rain will hold off so we can have a bonfire though.

Have a Blessed weekend.....

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  1. I love my NT book, it completely changed the way we eat and how I look at food, you will have to let me know what you think.


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