Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer....

Yesterday....I sewed all day.... just about....at least. I did do the dishes from the weekend a little at a time thru out the day, made lunch, talked to all the kittens, listen to NPR news and learned some new things that were really neat like Lincoln's cottage

We sat under one of our big oak trees and talked and handsewed on my bonnet and Ash's apron. Lemonade from fresh lemons and stevia is so refreshing on a hot day.

Painted a sign that is going out by our mailbox to sell eggs. Our road isn't busy and mostly just our neighbors drive by but.....Eggs are overflowing here at our home and I would like the ladies to pay for some of their feed. I am making the sign big enough so we can add another row for rabbits and quail. And plans for a scroll type sign on the very top giving the name of our farm. And at some point more advertisment that would encourage others besides our neighbors to drive by.
That sign is 3 feet wide so that oak tree is almost 3 feet wide! Its a lovely tree and a great place to sit under during the summer.

Ash's bonnet fun to sew and easy once I figured out the directions. I am a visual learner and reading patterns is such a pain for me. Good thing they have pictures LOL I am a blond what can I say!

Zinnias from the garden I love them they are big and red I love that. We are picking a vase full every few days and they look so pretty in the $2 milk glass vase we found at the thrift store.

And a very big squashini I didn't see it till it was to late. Summer squash grows so fast one day they are little and the next they are this. But still good to eat.

How is your summer going.....? Any projects that your working on? I am reading thru Nourishing Traditions and really like it. I have read it before more like skimmed since it was a library book that they ordered from another library in Alabama for me and I only had it for a little while. But I liked it and wanted it. It makes sense and answers questions.
On Weston A. Price website I found Rawmilk.com and found 3 people within a 10 to 20 minute drive who sell Raw milk. Now I would like to find someone who has Kefir granules that would like to share... anyone out there who would like to?
Have a blessed day....

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