Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Modern life is it really Living....

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My mom emailed me yesterday and said she left her cell phone at home and to call her work number if I wanted to talk. I hadn't thought of calling her so far that day but it made me think of how much we depend on cell phones now adays and least we forget what I am busily banging away on right now the computer and most especially the interent!

Say 10 years ago we were doing just fine without these modern luxuries... tools let just say that since they are great but are they really luxuries. I can email instead of write letters now but I do love and so do the kiddos of getting a nice long letter in the mail sometimes and postcards when we traded them all over the world.

The cell phone is nice in an emergency like when the timing belt went on my car on the Hwy in the middle of the day during the summer. Or after Katrina and land lines were not working very well for awhile. Some people still use just the cell phones and don't have land lines 2 years later.

But you can't hide from people anymore they get you in the store, while your walking, hate to say in the bathroom at the store, we carry them at work and to have a cashier checking her texts before she checks you out is rude! We moved almost 2 yrs ago and this is embarrassing we got a new land line number, and new cell number's Ashley was asked her phone number and she didn't know it she is 13 and I didn't let her know what it was just told her "Oh push 5 for home and 1 for dad etc" I felt like a ding dong and it embarassed me and her needless to say that she didn't know it just didn't cross my mind so now they both know it.

Hubby didn't know it either and that is his falt not mine this time LOL he carried a card with him with all our number's and address for the longest time so when asked he would just pull it out and read it.

So are the Modern Inventions really a GREAT thing or are we fooling ourselves. Our familes loose time with us as we veg on the computer "Oh I have to Ck my email or add to my blog"

Oh and that new thing I definately have not gotten into texting! We have a friend who has a phone that does it all email, text, internet, calender it is an "organizing tool" he says. He gets up at 3 am to check email! I have seen him check his mail or whatever in church!

I think as the world gets "Better" we are loosing ourselves and most especially our families to the Modern Luxuries! They are great I am on one now and Blogging but....heres the justification part.... it is 6am hubby left for work an hour ago earlier than normal so I have an hour to waste on the computer before my day really starts. It isnt taking away from the kiddos and school but I could get that bread I need to make going, go ahead and clean the bathroom, empty the dishwasher or the most important spend time reading the scriptures and spending time with Heavenly Father!

So as I spend today thinking of all I can be doing besides being on this thing, I will also get a great recipe for dinner on the net, get an email from my dad, learn to save even more money on groceries, or even to make money while blogging, maybe figure out how to sell our old homeschool curriculm to make back some money, check the weather for the 4 possible storms out there, read up on westward expansion for Wyatt's history, ck out Ellis Island and immigration for Ashley's history, printout visiting teaching reports, RS agenda's, blank menu for next weeks meals, and have the kids do math drills on a really neat math program we bought them.

Yes all these things are great but we need and that means me to learn how to manage our time and our luxuries so our families, callings, and our time with Heavenly Father get more time than these wonderful inventions.

Oh I do have texting now and Ash is 15 read it again 15 I have a 15 year old unbelievable! And the gray hair is still coming in hubby says I have more than I think I do.

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