Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nourishing Breakfast

This morning we had pancakes well Dutch Baby Pancakes from Nourishing Traditions and they were good. I wasn't sure at first since the batter was so thin but they pleasantly surprized me.
I wanted sliced strawberries and yogurt to put on them but it is payday today....and that means the fridge needs to be filled with fresh stuff etc. But I do have a bucket of Huckleberries in the freezer so I added them to the batter and they were really good tart and the best part they are wild harvested.
Yesterday I set the wheat flour to soak in buttermilk and followed Momzoo's idea of straining homemade yogurt and adding honey. She found the idea in Nourishing Traditions yes this is a great book and easy to far.
Handsome loved them he said with the yogurt but he missed the strawberries. So I will hunt down strawberries when I go shopping. Ash wasn't to sure maybe with some maple syrup she will like them better. Yguy just plain refused but he refuses EVERYTHING good for you and he had white flour biscuits instead. He's going to be unhappy now that we are out of white flour and I don't plan on buying more for awhile.
What's your favorite pancake topping?
Have a blessed day....

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  1. I love hearing about Nourishing Traditions recipes -- I've got it on my wish list, and I'm waiting for it from the library. I may just order it when it gets cool enough to do some real cooking around here. :)


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