Friday, August 7, 2009

Another gadget in the house

Well I never thought I would get a cell phone, we have 4 for each family member. I never thought I would actually need our computer like I do, we have 2 one needs a couple of things before its back in use but....

I never thought alot of things....

But here I am with cellphones, computers, texting on said cellphone, blogging, emailing, facebooking, and just jumping into what I never thought I would.

And right now I am writing this post on a laptop yes we bought another piece of something I never thought I would need or even get.

With school starting soon we start Sept 1st a day that is associated with school starting not Aug 6 like the public schools set as the first day yesterday. We are anxiously awaiting our ancient world history unit from Winter Promise, we have science and math coming in online through BYU independent study, other books coming in, our list of artists and composers to listen to, mimic, and study, Nature to embrace, a 4x4 sheet of dry erase for our new dry erase board wall the old board needed to be retired, supplies stashed, and student and mom planners ready.

Are we excited yes but the kids mostly the boy kid is really excited to have a laptop. We have tossed the idea around for a year and finally bit the bullet. I am thinking that researching and online studies will go easier and I am having a blast getting aquainted with the new toy learning tool. And I can use it in my life as well with the many things that seem to add to the list of to do's for me.

Will handsome use it that is a BIG NO. He refuses he said he has a hard enough time with his cell and the regular computer:0) But as I type this Ash is on the desktop computer and I am on the couch with my little leach (Yguy) I swear he has suction cups and loves to snuggle with his short mom. Even though he is 12 he is 1 1/2 inches taller than me.

I hope all have a wonderful weekend

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