Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall is in the air....

This afternoon I walked around the yard...All the windows are open and there is a cool breeze. Lovely weather fall is in the air you can feel it the leaves are already changing. I know we have many more days of hot weather but right now we have a reprieve from the heat...

Butterflys are abundant this time of year I love them. I usually have zinnias everywhere and they love them. And they are definately everywhere today.
My two helpers Foxy the orange one and Cooler the tabby one. They are definate momma's kitties they follow me every where purring. Cooler loves my long skirts and crawls up them when he can. They were very interested in the camera at this point. They are about 6 months old and curious about everything
We have 2 old wash tubs by the clothesline full of zinnias

Heres a shot of both of them past them is the future herb garden, chicken yard, and barn....

And one last flutterby! I love them and we get a wide variety of them here gigantic ones as well.

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  1. What beautiful butterflies you have....Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers. x


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