Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starting a new day...

It is quiet in the house.... We let the kids sleep in since hubby had to leave so early this morning for a an early funeral. I had some paper work to work on and so they sleep.

They don't get to do this that often but they are good sports about having to get up so early. We get them up early, eat breakfast together, read scriptures, have morning prayer, send daddy off to work, they start their morning chores stewardships, I go walk my 2 miles.... Its hard most days since Yguy isn't a morning person and is very grumpy in the morning :0) But when all falls into place it starts the day wonderfully.

We finish the Book of Mormon today... We started it about 6 weeks ago and have been chugging along on it. We had a goal to get it all done by Dec at least but we are way ahead of schedule. Its amazing how much it has made a difference in all of us reading it together. I would love to read all the scriptures OT,NT,BOM.... in a year as a family we will see if we can do it or not.

Momzoo has done a wonderful post on how she starts the day. I know as a teen and young mom starting the day sleeping in was perfect. But now having early mornings and a routine is comforting. Naps around noon are important to but I try not to stop so that I lean into that temptation.

Routine, order, is a comfort there are many scriptures pretaining to that very topic "a house of order" " As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" How can we serve the Lord, our families, and neighbors if we are in constant chaos. I know on days where I feel like I can't slow my own brain down to get myself focused I am hard to be around. But the days where I am in control of myself and order somewhat reins it is very peaceful.

So in order for my day to be reined in today I will get off this thing and get myself walking.

Have a blessed serving your family in the little things

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