Monday, September 21, 2009

The Peace before Dawn..

I am sitting here planning out my week in the quiet of the morning. The sun is just starting to light the sky and it is quiet in the house except for the freezer and fridge noises the washing machine in the laundry and the clock on the wall ticking away...tick...tick...tick.

It is at times like this that I am at total peace, I can focus on the business at hand, I can really just focus on the mission of my life right now. The choas of the day can be very draining sometimes but it is these mornings that help me regroup.

Hubby had to leave at 5:30 this morning for an early funeral and so we let the kiddos sleep instead of breakfast and scripture reading together. I will get them up here in a little while but I wanted to focus my week.

We are going on a field trip today to a lake about 30 minutes from here in the middle of nowhere and is very quiet. We have been several times but this time we plan on doing some pond life study and try to collect some pond plants to go in our tank for observation along with some little fish and tadpoles we are going to get at the fish hatchery.

A week or so ago we were asked my church leaders to go on a media fast our family decided to take it a step further and gave up more since we already keep the TV in our closet except for movies sometimes and hubby and I limit our radio listening to only certain things lately. What I learned was how much I loved soaking in the lovely things in life. Scripture reading instead of book reading for pleasure, hymn listening or uplifting music, staying off the computer except to check my email once a day and that at night and for school purposes. I was limited by what I could do but as the days went by I filled my time with unlifting and spiritually refueling things and by the end of the week I felt alive....I know I live and breath and am alive but to be spiritually alive is a totally different and hard to explain feeling.

I changed somethings and I hope to keep changing last week was a little harder since I let the world in more and I noticed the marked difference in me and my family. But we learn and grow....

My bestest bloggy buddy Momzoo did a series on scheduling and it kicked me in the butt to get back on the schedule bandwagon. I love routine but sometimes fall into bad routines. So with her inspiration I have been revamping our schedule and getting myself less flustered and telling myself don't sweat the small stuff. This morning I organized our week of school work and activities and I hope this makes it a little less chaotic for me since now I have it planned out and color coded. :0)(By the way check Momzoo's blog out its one of my favorites)

Well off to get the kiddies up....I am limiting my blog time I have cut back on the number of blogs in my reader, deactivated my facebook, and dropped all my yahoo groups to 4 so being on here is not the most important thing at this season in my life so if I leave off posting for weeks at a time I hope those few who read this understand. I will post pictures later from the other computer of our nature walk and other things we have done in the last couple of weeks sometimes this week.

Till then...

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful morning! I have my quiet times at night, I am so not a morning person.

    Thanks for the plug, bestest blog buddy ;-)



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