Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The last few weeks....

Here are somethings we have done the last couple of weeks. The below picture is awful it looked much better on my camera :0) That's me giving a wheat class for Enrichment at church one night. I made wheat bread, wheat choc cake, and wheat choc chip cookies to share that night.

We went and fed some fish and ducks at a lake near our house. Lots of blue gill and turtles and the water was so clear. They ate a whole loaf of bread in no time.

Ash's baby blue gill she caught yesterday on our nature walk. Click here to to more pictures.

We did a dinner last week for some gentlemen visiting for stake conference and I ironed and folded 33 napkins for it. These are the end result. Yguy wanted some fancier but with how we were setting the tables etc these worked out beautifully. Here is the website we looked at we had to try alot of them before settling on this one. We put the flatware inside them.

Homemade ties for my boys. Hubby got 3 of these and Yguy wanted a camo one so he got the other one. These are really easy to make and take no time at all.

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