Monday, October 26, 2009

A New Porch

My dad came and visited us last week and built a porch on our house. Our home is very plain Jane up front. I have been wanted a porch for awhile and my dad being the master carpenter that he is came and blessed us with one.

The great part about all of it we had most of the lumber and tin for the roof from other projects. The roof tin was left over from our barn built 3 1/2 years ago and the wood was from my mom house when we they built it 2 years ago. I have been saving and waiting!

Yguy helping Papa on the 2nd day. The first day it rained so we hardly got anything done but the planning and a trip to Home Depot for 4x4's

Me helping on the 1st day screw in decking for the small decks we put on either side to extend the existing pad.

And Yguy celebrated his 13th birthday the day Papa came in. He wanted fudge so he and I made fudge for his birthday. He did most of the work himself with me there to answer questions and give an extra hand when one more was needed.

Now I want to paint the porch and add shutters to the house I am thinking black. I really want to paint the front door red but hubby won't let me :0(

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  1. Very cute

    I like the idea of a red door.

    show him that, and maybe he will change his mind ;-)


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