Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lovely Day

We went from snow over the weekend to rain all day Tuesday to wonderful open all the windows weather yesterday. The south you never know what your gonna get. I remember once going to the beach on Christmas day growing up in florida and another year having black ice on the bridges it was so cold.

So with our weather like this, you take everyday with a different outlook. Our winter clothing includes summery clothing as well. Over the weekend I had my long denim skirts on with sweatshirts, yesterday I had shorts on.

I also had all the windows open and I had shorts on so I could bathe the dogs. Since in was nice out I was able to give all 3 dogs a bath one of them in the hose outside. The water was cold and he was not happy but to try and get him in the tub since he is the biggest of the 3 was not going to remotely happen. So outside we went on the warm and wonderful day.

This morning it was back to warm clothing. It is in the 40's today but having that little respite of a warm day was nice.

I hope the weather in your area of the globe is to your liking....


  1. It is FREEZING here! I try to avoid going outside. At least we have some snow: that makes up for it, a bit.

  2. It was below zero every night the past week! BRRRRR!!!!

  3. Hello! I came across your blog and had to say hello. I am LDS too - living in Utah. We also homeschool. I wanted to say hello and I really enjoyed visiting your blog! Have a lovely day!


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