Saturday, December 19, 2009

Warming in the Sun...

Two of my 3 inside cats soaking up the afternoon rays of sun on a cool winter day. The dogs and cats argue over this spot in the afternoon. These 2 were laying down till our boarder collie buzzed them and they jumped up. If you could see their faces..if looks could kill Speck would have dropped right there.

Speck is our youngest pet(2 1/2yrs old) the black cat (Weazy) in the picture is our oldest at 13 1/2, this year her age has really caught up with her and she is really showing it. She still has spunk though and an attitude. But curling up with mom in bed while she reads under the electric blanket is her favorite. Dad is always in trouble when he decides he wants to go to bed to and she lets him know it. (She doesn't share her mom very well)

These are my new projects. I have finally figured out how to crochet after years of frustration, a couple hours on the internet watching how to vids, a friend helping me past the slip knot thing, and trying and retrying I finally have gotten the basic dish cloth done. The blue one is my first, that I didn't unravel, its OK that is why it is hidden under the second much better one.

The third is a Christmas present for someone and I even edged this one it looks so awesome if I do say so myself and the orange is a work in progress....also a present.

I want to do fancier but since I am a visual learner reading the dang book is confusing me like it has for years. I have to watch someone do it to get it.

Also on the awesome news Ash my wonderful lefty finally got it as well. She has had such a hard time since we are all right handed and she is a lefty that she was ready to tie her brother up with the yarn when he took off with crochet and knitting all in the same week.

Needless to say his momma was ready to help her since at that point I was still pulling my hair out trying.

If I don't "see" you before Christmas, I hope your holiday is a blessed holiday!

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