Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday, inbetween answering math questions, solving oral communication problems, and grammer mastery. I made broth and stock and canned it as well as canning some chicken stock I've been making for awhile and freezing in 1 gallon tubs.

The pot is shrimp peels and stuff along with veggies from my scrap bag in the freezer and some seasonings. I made broth from this I also simmered some pork bones all day for stock with veggies as well. I added spinach too, the more vitamins I can add to it the better.

The pork stock I will can up today. The darker is the shrimp broth and the lighter is the chicken stock. The house smelled like shrimp all day! The aroma is yummy but not all day...

These will make a yummy base for soups and stews.

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  1. I've never though of the idea of canning a broth with shrimp. What a great idea.


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