Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have lots of dishes....

We have our everyday blue which most were in the dishwasher in the bottom photo. Then we have our willow, a green glass, and a cornflower design from the 70's.

The cornflower were my parents when they were married the other 2 were my grandmothers that she collected over the years.

I love them all I have many memories of my grandparents with those dishes. The silver tea pot and cream and sugar were my Aunt's she gave them to me for Christmas one year. I am not sure how long she had them but I think for awhile. She moved that year and was downsizing before hand and my mom and I both received something from her along these lines.

The colorful platter is from my son it was wooden and I found it at a thrift store for a quarter. He decided it needed color. I clear coated it so water wouldn't ruin it and now it sits so I can see it everyday.

All these things I am working into our daily lives again. I used to use them alot B.K. (before Katrina) and then we moved. And my grandmother said she had these things to use not to pack away and she did use them everyday. Tasha Tudor said the same thing and reading her book has reminded me of this.

I have a small kitchen but some rearranging helped me open up an area that is in a weird place anyway and has no plug, so I was able to find a home for them.

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