Saturday, January 2, 2010

Julie at Eternally Happy asked me..
I would love to hear your journey to wearing skirts/dresses. I have been on a similar journey this past year. Love to hear your thoughts.

Well Julie I love wearing skirts its as simple as that. And that has not always been the case. As a child and teen I disliked them very much.

But as I have gotten older I have learned what it is to be a woman and not a tomboy which I most certainly was as a younger person. Being a tomboy isn't bad I still am to some degree. But boys treat girls and tomboys differently. I remember that and feeling somehow left out of the whole girl thing. But not wanting to change....I am an only child and had to be both for my dad.

I have one pair of jeans that are screaming for me to turn them into a skirt, a couple of capri pants a pair of shorts, and some cut off sweats that I made into capri pants for my morning walk in the woods. The rest are skirts and this has been over the last 14 months I have changed this. I went 3 months of nothing but skirts at first and now its to that point that if I wear something besides a skirt somewhere besides home I feel very self concious. So I try not to unless its something where I don't need a long skirt in the way.

One day I was reading a blog and saw for the first time that how they live and choose to dress isn't because of some set notion but a choice. I was going through the motions of what the people around me wanted in their lives but I was missing something in my own, to do what I wanted not what the world wanted. And I'm not a teen anymore or in my 20's when you think you have to follow some set of rules of your peers. It was a real eye opener to me to actually do what I felt was right for me.

You are treated much differently when your in skirts/dresses than in shorts or pants I have noticed. I think men need to be reminded that we are woman some, not all have forgotten that simple little fact. I feel like a women in my skirts.

Below is part of a post I wrote in May
I wear mostly skirts, pants, shorts or capri pants very rarely. I was recently asked why I have switched to mostly long skirts. And here is my thoughtout answer......

Short skirts don't look good on me :0)
I prefer below the knee or mid cafe during the summer and full length during the winter they are so warm!
I have come to a point in my way of thinking that life is to short to follow the crowd. I see women who wear skirts all the time for religious reasons and I admire their faithfullness.
Though wearing a skirt for me is not the same reason as theirs. I just love them and for so many years I have wanted to wear skirts most of the time but for silly reasons I didn't. Afraid of what people would say and think were my biggest reasons. Well my only reasons! But as I have gotten older I have learned that most are more afraid of what others think of them than really honestly worrying about others.
So this year I wanted to see if I could wear a skirt most of the time for fun and see if there is a difference. What I have learned so far as of Nov Thanksgiving Day (2008) as a matter of fact almost 180 days I have worn a skirt, about 21 of those days I would have to guess ( and that is a high guess) I have worn sweat pants, shorts, capri pants, or a pair of jeans. And that is because I was working in the yard, doing service with church, a water balloon activity at church, and camping.
What I have learned...
1. You are treated better more respectful
2. I feel girly and I am very much a tom boy at heart.
3. I have sewn more with wanting to sew most of them.
4. Hubby loves it
5. doors are opened for me most everywhere I go
6. For some reason people smile and are so much nicer to me
7. I look at myself differently better.
8. I have more respect for myself
This list could probably go on and for those I know personally who read this please don't think I am weird. :0) I love skirts and for so many years I was very disrespectful to myself, degrading, very unmodest in thought, dress, action, and attitude. Now that I am older I am seeing myself differently and I want to do what I want not what society wants of me. I feel society going down a road I really don't want to go I could go againest that in other ways and I know many who do but for me this experiment has opened my eyes in so many ways...better ways. I like what I see in the change in me.

Julie I hope this answers your question. I know for me it made me feel good about myself to actually be a woman in a skirt, helped me see myself in a good way. I have long hair to almost to my waist but that is because I like long braids and having my hair up than having to style it all the time.

But I am thinking of having some of it cut off in the spring not all though. I like it to much.


  1. I really love this post. Thanks so much for being brave enough to share. I've thought about switching to skirts before but haven't had the guts. I am treated better when I wear a skirt or dress, and I behave better, too. :)

  2. Wow! I get a whole post :) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings about wearing skirts. I feel much the same way. It is comforting to me that other LDS women feel the same way. Most of what is on the internet is skirts worn for very religious reasons. Athough our faith does not "require" skirts only...I do feel more open to the spirit and more willing to serve others. I too am growing out of the whole "follow the crowd" idealism. I love that people do treat me differently and it helps me to treat others with more love and respect. Thanks for the post.


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