Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Day of 2010

Today was spent like any other day when hubby is actually home. Working in the yard! Well sometimes it is raining to much and we do stuff inside but today we were in the nice cool sunny day.

And we had a visitor.....

This guy or girl came and sunned him or herself down by the front pasture and then sniffed around on our trails till we got this picture and then where he went is any ones guess. His fur was a pretty red golden brown with black spots and you couldn't see the tusks but you could see that he had some under his lips. In the last week we have also spent about an hour watching an armadillo root around and chase the cats when he was tired of his tail being attacked. And had a opossum run off after the dogs scared him oh and the neighbor saw a bobcat in her back yard.
Today the for our New Years lunch the kids made eggrolls (shrimp and chicken), wonton raviolis, buffalo wings, and strawberry shortcake. I actually made the last 2 and the 1st 2 I showed them how and was on standby for questions. We have made lots and hubby has some to take to work tomorrow.

The kids making raviolies. We had a nice relaxing day outside hope your day was just as nice.

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