Saturday, January 16, 2010

Raining Saturday

Today the kids and I are home without dad again...He had to work last Saturday too, but he had last Friday and yesterday off. He volunteered with us at our church's Bishop's Storehouse and ran errands with us. He had his eyes opened to what we do when we have a day away from home. I try in compress everything into one day since the closest we live to anything resembling a town is 20 minutes a city 45 minutes.

We made a Sams run yesterday and Petsmart since we have an older cat who needs special food. And we had a nice day out together. We were all tired when we made it home though but it was a good day.

We took the dogs for a walk the girls are the little dogs and our Boarder Collie likes to run ahead. This is an abandoned dirt road that runs along our property. Our neighbors moved and no one lives there now.

We had some cats following us usually we had a whole herd of them following us. But yesterday it was just these two Peek A Boo and Lemon.

The green plates at the top of the post are for a guest we are having over tomorrow for lunch after church. While I have been doing spring cleaning I decided to drag all our china and stuff out of the china barrels and use them. We have done this before but since moving (4 years ago) I haven't unpacked them.

I worked on the kitchen this week rearranging, decluttering, and wiping everything down. Inside and outside the fridge, freezer and oven were moved and cleaned under etc. Now I have all the china out and into cabinets. I had to do alot of thinking while I rearranged but it has worked out well, I think.

We have 3 different sets of plates besides our regular day to day stuff. The green, blue willow, and a cornflower pattern. I love all of it, the green have special memories attached. They were my favorite as a child and my grandmother would use them when I visited, since they were my favorite.  Next week I will share what I did with it all.

Every six months (about!) I move everything in the house and clean under it and do a major cleaning. Usually in August before school starts and January before spring kicks in and busy garden work and then camps etc. It also helps me kick the winter blues since winter is not my favorite season and this keeps me moving towards spring.

I also get the itch to sew like crazy and do alot of sewing for the year during this time. I try to plan what we will need for clothing church and regular and work on it. During the year I will buy fabrics and stock up for my sewing times. I haven't been as prepared as I would like in the past but it all works out in the end.

Well the kids have started painting on their Pheonician masks they made this past week and I need to continue with my spring cleaning. I also need to do Sunday prep with a guest coming over I am doing a few more things so I don't have to tomorrow. I already put our crockpot meal together, its in the fridge we do this every Sunday less work for for our day of rest. And chopped up some veggies as well as getting the plates out.

What do you do for your Sabbath day prep?

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