Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sabbath Day Prep...

I have been wanting to do a post on prepping for Sunday but just haven't had to time or I forget or something....

And today probably isn't the best day. We just got back from a Turkey Shoot and pot luck at a friends and worked on school work this morning. Between having an all day Seminary Day Monday and hubby being home Friday we were a day behind this week. Hubby worked today and we had school. You have to be flexible in the funeral bussiness, well the grave diggers do. We never set plans in stone if we do they are always changed.

Anyway we prep on Friday most of the time unless dad is home, if he is we do it Saturday. We make sure laundry is done for the weekend, house is clean mopped etc, bags for church packed and in the car most of the time, and we are working on having our weekend menu planned. We use the crockpot every Sunday and that is always planned and ready to pop in the cooker base Sunday morning. But I am trying to have the entire weekend planned and at least some prep so that the weekend is for us.

That is why we prep on Friday instead of Satuday. We iron church clothing and make sure that the basics need to be done that morning. And Saturday can be spent as a family not getting ready for church.

We aren't always ready though, sometimes some key thing is forgotten but we are working on it. We feel the spirit much more when we aren't frantically running around looking for something and hubby can get to church early to prep for his duties while no one is there. He can focus on what he has to do.

I have noticed a big difference from the times we prep to the times its all thrown together. I am still prepping right now and probably will be till bedtime since today is a rush day and not my usual schedule. I hope this doesn't throw me off for tomorrow.

What are some of the things you do to prep for Sunday?

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  1. I need to be better at this, it seems like we are always in a huge rush running out the door and are often late (and we are about 30 seconds away from the chapel...shame on me!)


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