Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stand Prepared

I am trying to and I stress that word to get up early before my family to get myself ready for the day. Today was harder than yesterday and yesterday I was so tired by bedtime.

I want to set a good example to my children throughout the day and so I am working on having myself prepared for the coming day before they wake. I used to do it after hubby left and I woke the kids later in the morning. But now we get up early eat breakfast and read the scriptures together and that makes for mom to feel like she is chasing her tail.

I wanted to blog before they got up or before I went to bed and not during the day at all not even to check email etc. Yesterday went smoothly and wonderfully. I was able to get many things done and be right there for the kids and not feel like I was running around like a mad woman. It was blissful after I actually sat and thought about it.

I was prepared when we left for town at noon to do our busy Monday afternoon of seminary, library, used bookstore, thrift stores, hair cut, and piano lessons. We came home with dinner done and in the crock pot and things set and ready to sit and eat. Family Home Evening and a game were on the to do and it was all prepared.

The tree is one on our property near our home. In an area no one goes all that much an abandoned dirt road is along there and I walk it sometimes. The other morning (New Years eve) it had rained the day before and the sun was streaming through the branches that tree really made me stop my walking. In that morning light it was beautiful.

The scared, battered look of it from storms, life, a recent trimming, and Hurricane Katrina have all left its mark on this poor tree. Dead branches lay all around it, it was topped during Katrina and it lays next to the poor thing.

But that morning I saw it in a different light, like my own life scared, battered, and buffeted I have kept growing in the light of our Savior and love of Heavenly Father. That morning I needed the little reminder that I too with heartbreak, hurt feelings, stresses, and loss lying around me like the branches of that tree can keep going strong and beautiful even if it is only in my own eyes. I should say Heavenly Father's eyes....

I am a daughter of Heavenly Father and he loves me. How simple but meaningful that it. As I start my day and I feel that pull of unpreparedness come upon me I will strive to remind myself of that simple fact take a deep breath and start all over.

Like that tree who has had to do it many times and has kept right on growing towards the light above it, I too will push through it and keep preparing myself to keep growing towards the light of His love.

What do you do to prepare yourself for your day?

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