Friday, March 19, 2010

17 years ago today

Seventeen years ago today we climbed into our Ford Explorer and drove to Pensacola, Florida...Why well to elope, silly. We didn't want a big wedding or frills. We are both shy so something quiet, private, and our way is what we did.

I would post a picture of the day but our desk top computer died and the lap top won't except our scanner printer. And it was before digital cameras so nothing on a disk or anything high tech like that. :0)

That was really weird typing that, "it was before digital cameras." Has it been that long! Well, I was nineteen not even a year out of high school and he was 28 many years out of high school. Today we are 36 and 45 a gray hair or 2 have popped up on me and loads on him. Sorry honey but its true.

He had a Harley that was the only reason I married him :0) now he has a pickup truck and I am still here. Must be love! All nighters or at least most of the night out and about town are no more, bed by 8 is more like it. We have settled into a norm for us one we never thought we would settle into, "Old we'd say, not us," but sorry babe we are! But at least we are doing it together.

The kiddos are going to grandmas and we are going to Baton Rouge to the temple. To celebrate our day together in the House of the Lord is only fitting.

I love ya more than my luggage, Andy!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I think going to the temple is a great way to celebrate =) Enjoy your day!


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