Monday, March 22, 2010

Plastic Begone

Last week, I packed up most of our plastic containers and gave them away. You know those pain in the butt cabinets with all your tupperware or rubbermaid and no matter what you do it is never organized? Well, no more I have discarded mine. I did keep the biggest ones for potlucks since I have nothing to replace those right now but the other items are gone and it feels so good.

I have been slowly using glass containers to store food in and this was the last stronghold of plastic in the house. With them gone I will have to rely on glass and that is the goal anyway.

I am sure everyone has been reading all about plastic on the internet etc so I won't explain. It feels good anyway more space and the refrig looks much better with all these glass jars you can see into just at a glance instead of having to pick it up and shake or open to figure out what science experiment you have forgotten about that was last months pasta dinner. :0)


  1. So fun! This week I got a list from the teacher that they would be doing a recycle project...bring in clear plastic bottles, plastic bottle lids, plastic jars...I looked around and I don't have any of those things. Shouldn't my kid get an A...for not even having this in the house???

  2. Yes, your child should get that A.:0)



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