Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What do you do when your children are sick?   As they both have strep throat and the fevers are still hanging on they have been in bed or on the couch for 2 days.

Mom is at a loss, since we aren't doing school, but things still have to be done. I am trying to keep some amount of order mostly for myself. Routine is key for me makes me feel better and my routine is out of whack yesterday and today.

Yesterday was a major veg day we went to see our wonderful nurse practitioner, who is also a dear friend and Ash's YW leader. It makes it very nice for Ash as shy as she is to have a friend on the other end of a stethascope, yes I know I spelled that wrong :0) But she is also a good friend of ours and has a wonderful family we just love. Yes, she reads this so I have to butter her up, Hi Lisa. :0)

When we got home it was a couch day, mom got some things done but mostly it was snuggling on the couch with my kiddos who even at 15 and 13 feel much better when mom can snuggle with them while they are sick or sad. We watched TV and it was fun even Yguy loved watching BBC's North and South and Wives and Daughters. We watched Cranford Sunday and LOVED it even hubby was interested in the funny characters and hysterical drama. We loved the English countryside and costumes.

Today, they don't need the snuggles as much and are on the mend. Right now they are doing some school work on the couch. We have all the windows open and letting the fresh spring air, lots of sunshine and listening to birds and windchimes. I have laundry on the line, yogurt making, baby chicks to take care of, and yesterday I made tortillas with my new pasta maker. No, they weren't round but they turned out wonderful. They were so light and the meatless enchildas I made last night were light and not so bready from thick tortillas.

So I am off to catch up on something else that normally has to wait till I have time. Minestrone soup for dinner with either crusty french bread or homemade crackers not sure which yet.


  1. I am so sorry everyone is sick! I pray you all will be feeling better soon! :) Sending hugs across the miles your way. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Spring day!

  2. Thank you Emily! This is just one of those times that remind me to slow down or just plain stop and see what is around me.



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