Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring is waking up and it is so nice. Monday, hubby and I walked thru the woods and saw the buds on the dogwoods, crabapples, and jasmine. I love the first signs of spring. the very first is a certain type of grass thats pops up in the backyard along with clover. The the birds sing a little differently, the trees start to really shed their leaves from last year as new leaves get ready to pop out, and their is a feeling in the air.

You know when you shake a bottle of soda pop and you can feel the pressure on the can or bottle before you open it? That is that feeling right before the glories of spring explode.

The chickens start uping production of eggs, babies are born, and gardens are planted or at least gotten ready to be.

I love this feeling....

Soon it will be sweltering hot and we will be miserable from our hot humid, buggy, summer. But that also holds it own tantilizing mysteries that hold us captive.Long summer swims in a local lake, fishing at dusk, the sun beating down on our hat covered heads as we mow, the early morning walks in the cool morning before the heat settles in, chickens taking dust baths in the sunlight, the breeze thru the barn with the front and back doors open, gardening in the early morning or in the evening, cool salads, and ice cream making.

That is why winter seems so long I think so that we fall in love all over again year after year with the creations around us popping up and showering us with their wonders.


  1. hi erika - happy spring to you! i have to say that after a long, hot and very humid summer i am welcoming with open arms the cooler days! lets talk in 3 months time when you are sweltering and i am freezing!!!

    louise x

  2. Louise sounds good to me. I know the bliss right now is temporary and the hot humid days of summer will soon be upon us. I hope your autumn is a lovely one. Erika


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