Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook March 30,2010

FOR TODAY: March 29, 2010  Monday....

Outside my window: absolute Heaven, the breeze is blowing like it has been for awhile but it helps the clothing dry faster, the sun is shining brightly chasing the winter blues away, and the birds are making a sweet melody.

I am thinking: Of the excitment we just had... This season's first Hummingbird just showed itself into the house. The backdoor is open and he just flew right in I know he was looking for the feeder that is usually on the back porch and telling me in his chirpings that he was upset it was not there yet.

I am thankful for: Spring again reminding me that there is always a bright side to every dark side. And even when I think it is never going to be Ok it will just over the next hill.

From the learning rooms: 8 more weeks of our Ancient Civilization study and then a week or 2 off and then summer school starts but then summer camps start as well.

From the kitchen: I just made crackers and we are having Vietmiese Fried Rice using some leftover chicken for dinner and brownies and ice cream for FHE dessert

I recently created: another skirt this is the 4th skirt from this particular pattern and I just love it.

I am going: nowhere! I have been released from my stake calling and I have absolutely nowhere to drive, to be, or to even think about. It is bliss. I loved the calling but all the driving was starting to really get to me.

I am reading: Mother Earth News that just came in the mail.

I am hoping: not much of anything right now I know I should be hoping and dreaming all the time, maybe. But right now my hopes are to be here at home and that I am doing, to not have nowhere in particular to go and that is happening and to just enjoy the day.

I am hearing: One of our barn cats who is a special needs case sits outside the window meowing for...well I don't know he has been doing it since Saturday just walking around looking for something. Even the other cats are around he is still looking. We aren't sure why, he is mentally handicapped and walks around with his head cocked to the side from something that happened last summer. His name is PBJ and he is kinda babied by us all since he ate something that messed his nervous system up a lizard of all things. But other than him there are the wind chimes, birds, and an answering meow as one of the other cats comforts PBJ to let him know we are here and listening or telling him to be quiet the spring dayh is just to nice to mess up with talking. You never know....

Around the house: Yguy napping he is still not feeling well from last week. I am going to try giving some allergie medicine tonight to see it that helps.

One of my favorite things: Days like these!

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, no where to go!, grocery shopping, milk buying at a dairy farm we just found, camping for Yguy and a friend, cooking outside whenever possible.

I have no picture but the one on the top of my blog. Love periwinkles they are so pretty right now.

Simple Woman's Daybook

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