Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Growing and update

The chicks are growing very fast! This breed grows very fast and so they eat alot and are always hungry. Of course they don't stay small and cute and it seems their feathers can't keep up with the growth spurts either.

The Irish potatoes have been growing in leaps and bounds this week with such nice weather.

This this is the end of March and our little goal in the Real Food Challenge as we have read the pros do it has been not to eat out. Its a very small step but for us at this time it works.

For March we went out to eat once, hubby and I for our anniversary. And 3 other times we grabbed something, so a total of 4 times. Which is pretty good for us when we are on the go. I hope to have a big zero on this for April with our lives slowing some after my calling release. :0))))

I think I will carry over this goal for April. I try not to buy processed foods and make everything from scratch. Eating local is hard for some reason since the items at veggie stands are shipped in, go figure, and the local foods farmers market is 50 miles away so 100 miles round trip an all day adventure that isn't a  local thing for us.

We have found a dairy farm 5 minutes from the house that sell milk and milk products. It isn't raw since it has to be pasturized apparently to sell it off farm but it is fresh and that is much closer than the store. I am going to stop by and get some on errand day.

The chickens and potatoes are a step closer to that local eating and we are eating something we raised and we know what it was grown with or fed with. I'd say that is definately real food.

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  1. It sounds like things are going well at your farm. Our chickens are growing soo fast too! They almost have all their feathers, which is kind of neat. We are working on the chicken coop to be ready when they are ready to be outside. Hope you are doing well! :)


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