Monday, March 1, 2010

Caramalizing Onions

Why: because I love to go and do which in the end I have learned a new skill.
For what purpose: because I love onion poppy seed hamburger buns.

Usage: I decided  I wanted a onion poppy seed french bread to go with split pea soup last week and so I went on the internet and read up on what to do and just did it.

How: The process is rather simple I thought wow I do this all the time just didn't realize it. :0)
I wanted our onions chopped up but all the directions I read said to slice and it depends on what you want. If you want thick slices for this or diced like I did.

Here is are the directions I liked the most. I used to much oil and had to drain quite alot off but they still turned out well if dark. And tasted great on the braided bread. One of the loaves I only did half since Yguy didn't want to try it he is my very picky eater. But we were all happy with it even without the poppy seeds.

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