Thursday, February 25, 2010

Growing Green Onions

I am the only one in the house who loves green onions or scallions. I put them on egg sandwiches, sandwiches, salads, tacos, well you get the picture.

A few weeks ago we had a gardening lesson at church. A sister told us about an interesting way to grow scallions. I thought it was pretty neat so when I came home I had to try it.

Well it took we a couple of weeks before I did it since life is way to busy right now but finally last week I got my pot ready which is a plastic container that I drilled holes in the bottom I wanted to be able to put in on the windowsill and not spend any money on a fancy pot for them.

You take the scallions and cut off the bulb make sure you have all the bulb. I cut off about 2 inches at the most with the roots and bulbs and used the rest for the meal. As I have used them I just stick them in the pot of most dirt while I am cleaning up from the meal.

Four of them I did all on the same day since I saved them for a few days the other 2 I did a few days later. The first 4 are sprouting nicely and I am excited. The other 2 are showing signs of growth even after only 2 days in the soil.

The plan is since I am the only one who likes scallions is to have a constant fresh supply without buying any more this spring and summer. We will see if it works so far it is doing just fine. You would just trim off the top and leave the bulb in the soil to keep growing. I am going to start some from seed in the garden soon just in case though :0)

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  1. I had good success with this in the past! I got rid of mine though because they were making the whole house smell of onions. I might start some more once it warms up and they can go outside on the balcony.


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