Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Change is an everyday thing. It happens because we choose to or because we have to and when we really don't want to but are forced to.

This weekend our desk top computer died we have not a clue why and so the laptop has now become our main computer. Which I am Ok with, hubby on the other hand....This was one of those changes for him that he didn't want to do but....was forced to.

 I took it in stride. I didn't like loosing the pictures I have saved on there. There were not to many since I had already burned all of last years to disks and cleared away for this year. I had also already burned other files etc I knew I might need later for callings and personal things. The pictures well they are saved on this blog, some at least but the rest no. But I'm OK with it, change doesn't bother me... to much. Somethings I am a little spastic about and have a hard time but most things I am mellow about.

Lifestyle changes can be so hard for most. I know when hubby and I decided we wanted something more for our daughter than what we could offer when she was a baby that was hard. We gave up all our comforts so that she and future children would grow up in a respectful way and learn to love Heavenly Father. Something hubby and I had not learned.

But through the years we have through our own hardwork and the love Heavenly Father has for us changed. We have moved closer to how he sees us instead of where our lives at the beginning were taking us. Our children have grown in the gospel and we have learned from them and others around us.

Change was hard and at times not wanted. But we have over the years climbed those hills of heartache and frustration and learned to change and grow in our new path. We have never done it alone we have  had Heavenly Father guiding us all the way his love for us has sustained us and helped us become more than we were.

One day I hope to see myself as he sees me. He knows I can be so much more. And one day I will be what he knows I can but only with change and most importantly his love guiding me.

Now the desk was my sewing desk an old writing desk that was my grandmothers. It is from the 40's about maybe late 30's. I decided to change around things. This is now our office desk and my armoire that was the office is now our sewing area.

Because of this change and move around of furniture. Our small living room is now even bigger than before. So even when the change that is to come isn't welcomed or wanted at the beginning it can be what is needed and later very much enjoyed.

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