Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A name change

Years ago we named out little hobby, Simple Pleasures Farm. We had 15 milk goats, about 40 laying hens, rabbits lots of them, and various other things as well as a big garden. We wanted to name our little hobby something that fit us that these simple things were pleasures to us.

Well during this journey a very sick minded person decided that our email, which had this name without farm since that was to long, meant something else. After getting several very disturbing and well lets just say they bothered us greatly since they were directly written to me. We changed our email and stopped using that name, to us we still have called it Simple Pleasures Farm.

Well after Hurricane Katrina things changed for us drastically and we were blessed with our 10.21 acres and small home. We love this little house, we built a barn, which I laughingly compare in size to our house. It is actually almost the same size but we love both dearly. I am content with it, our little cottage.

We no longer have our goats which we hope to change soon, we do have our chickens, and garden. But the simple things we worked for daily in our lives preKatrina and while we lived off grid in Montana have slipped away somewhat as our lives have become extemely busy.

So we decided on a name change for our farm one that describes our journey, the other day I posted about what has been up here so far this month and the idea came to me. Hubby loved the name we needed something that describes us.

There and Back Again Farm

As we have traveled the simple road to a busier one we are slowly transversing that off ramp to the slower simplier one that we love so much.  So we have been there and now are going back....

Another thing led to another and now I want to name our little cottage it is our home and deserves something special. I read that in the Netherlands they name their homes or Holland I think and that has always struck me as special. So now we are on that quest for a name that describes us and our little cottage in the woods.

Here are some ideas.

Oak Leaf Cottage
Eternity Cottage
Maple Cottage
Dogwood Cottage
Crabapple cottage
Middle of Nowhere Cottage
Nowhere Cottage

All of us have thought of something but none of us have put alot of effort and thought, these are just randomed things thrown out.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I have always loved naming the places I live in. It is something I have always done - ever since I read "Anne of Green Gables". Our home is "Moonlight Rose Cottage". I love all the names you picked out. I really like "Oak Leaf Cottage!" :)


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