Monday, April 26, 2010

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference"     Winston Churchill

I love oil lamps, all the oil lamps we used while we lived off grid in Montana I still have with the exception of one which broke when we moved.

We have used them in the last 12 years during power outages, hurricanes, after Hurricane Katrina for 2 weeks which was so nice to be taken back to the simpleness of them. We sat on the front porch every night while darkness surrounded us and the exhaustion of clearing trees, feeding people, helping people find loved ones lost in the storm, and the many things our family took part in after the storm.

We use one at dinner time most of the time and we have one in the living room that is lite sometimes as well. I have more in the closet ready if we need them in emergencies. But I have thought of getting them out for everyday.

 I love the quote at the top, our attitude can change how we react to things, how others react to us and things, and how we cope with things in our lives.  A good attitude says so much about someone. I know several women who have such wonderful attitudes about life and they are such an influence in my life I want to follow their example it makes such a difference when you are postive even in an very negative situation.

A dear sister in our branch lost her husband this past week and though the situation was hard for her she had such a wonderful smile on her face and such gratitude for the time she had with him. As we visited with her each time she was smiling and laughing at the happy times she had with her dear husband. Her attitude was very postive in a very sad situation.

These wonderful examples of righteous women in my life is a wonderful thing and something I need. I want to see things the way Christ sees them I want to see the good in all even when all we see is bad. Somewhere inside them is a spect a goodness that needs to be cultivated and loved so it will bloom.

My oil lamps light the darkness and I am so greatful for the warm light. A good attitude will warm our hearts to work hard thru difficult times and see what the blessings are on the other side.

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  1. What a beautiful photo! And a thoughtful post today - which touched my heart. It amazes me the when I look around and see women fearlessly moving forward with faith and light - smiling and sharing love with all. It is a remembrance of our Saviour, and like you said, I also want to see everyone how the Lord sees us. I feel so blessed to have met you (by chance too! Just going across blogs!) and am glad we are friends!!

    As a side note, we hope to purchase more oil lamps and use them more to be more self-sufficient. I don't know if we'll use them everyday, but hope to use them lots!


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