Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I recently bought a pasta maker, I have wanted one for years but other things like the convience of storebought etc stopped me.

I have make pasta but I would roll it out and cut it all by hand, it was good but then it took forever!
So I just decided that since we want to go back to a more basic life and that I like knowing what I put into my families bodies then I will just get one.

I bought one from a kitchen supply store in the outlet mall when I was making a Sams club trip and I am quite happy with it. I would love the one for my Kitchen Aid but not for $150, at least not right now.

I found a recipe in a Bon Appetite magazine we bought at the library, aren't those 10 cent magazines great? It is the same basic recipe I used years ago but this time they used a food processor to mix it up and I love this. The mess isn't there and it takes not time at all. It works batter than my Kitchen Aid at mixing.

2 cups flour
a pinch of salt
2 eggs
6 tablespoons warm water

That's all no MSG, no preservatives, no things you can't pronouce, you gotta love the simplicity of this recipe.

I put the flour and salt in the processor and turn it on for a pulse or two to mix it up. Then I put the two eggs and 3 tablespoons of water in. Put the lid on and turn on the processor for a few seconds to mix it up real well, then I start adding a tablespoon at a time of water thru the hopper on the top while its on. Till I have the consistancy I want sometimes I only need to add 2 more making the total of tablespoons 5 sometimes I need to add the remaining 3 making the total 6.

And that is it. I dug the dough out on a floured counter and knead it together. The recipe calls to let it set for 45 minutes but I don't. I pulled on little balls and then start running them thru the pasta maker and making wide noodles or thin noodles. I didn't get any pictures of using my machine unfortunately but you can go here  for an idea of how it works.

Here is the double batch of pasta before put it in the pot to cook.

And here is the final product well at least some of it the kids were eating some as I took this picture. Yguy made a double batch last week. I did the mixing in the processor and he did the rolling. He did the wider noodles.

I hae started doing a double batch so that Yguy can have all he wants since he LOVES pasta. This stuff is so much better than storebought. You need to plan ahead since it does take time to roll etc. But the end product is very worth the effort.


  1. I am so impressed! This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time! Can I ask how much your pasta maker was? I think I might start looking around online and save up for one. I know I would use it! Everything looks so yummy! Hope you are doing well! (It is snowing here again today! But we should have warmer weather by the weekend!) *hugs*

  2. Emily,

    I paid I think $25 after tax. I have looked at them often but didn't want to fiddle with it etc. Even though I did want one it took 6 years and a couple of blog posts to finally decide to do it. I read about making pasta on 2 different blogs and thought how yummy my attempts were before even though it is hard work, hand rolling. Now it is so easy and finding that how to in that old issue of Bon Appetite really pushed me.

    I ordered a tortilla press this morning. I have wanted one of those as well and set money aside from my grocery budget to get one. I love to make tortillas I just dislike rolling them out individually. The kiddos and I have a production line when we do make them. I will do a post on that little gadget next week after we fiddle with it.


  3. Do you do the roll it flat and let it sit for a few hours before actually cutting the noodles or do you just go straight from dough to noodle? I can see this being something I'd really love and use...if it was fast and easy!


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