Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last week we took you to town with us for a couple hours of service. We love to volunteer in town we work at the local food pantry and every other Friday we work at our own church's Bispshop"s storehouse.

This volunteer trip we were called in to help since all the volunteers are elderly they all seem to be getting sick right now and they were very short handed. This school year we slowed down when we volunteer there with our busy schedules but they call us when they are short handed.

So hope on it the van and lets go.

Yguy helping fill the tables. Oh and on the back table they always have goodies cakes, cookies, etc.
Me filling an order from the information card that is filled out when the family comes in.
Ash helps me with this part she does half and I do half.
Here we are right before we left it wasn't real busy so they didn't need us to stay for very long.Wyatt helped load boxes of food, tables for a bake sale, and fill tables. Ash and I filled orders and loaded vehicles. I love helping in our community I don't get to do it enough. But most of my sevice is to my family right now and one day my helping hands won't be as needed at home as they grow up and out and I will be able to branch out more in the community

What kinds of service do you do for your family and or the community?


  1. What a wonderful service opportunity! We have volunteered at our Bishop's storehouse too, and it's a sweet experience. You can definitely feel the spirit. I sometimes get to volunteer to help my husband at the Church Office Building when he does banquets and that's special too. My daughter at the moment is hoping to do a food drive just in our neighborhood for a local charity. Service is so important to teach to our children! I enjoyed seeing your photos!

  2. Emily,
    We love volunteering at the food pantry and hope to get more hours in this summer.

    If you looked hard you could see some of our churches food on the tables. Recently we had a humanitarian aid order filled. Each unit is able to fill an order worth a certain amount once a year for a local place. We have done one for the local food pantry the past 4 years.

    This Friday is the Bishop's storehouse day and we love that day it is very fullfilling to help those in need and to make them feel good and that its ok.

    Let me know how your daughter does with her canned food drive.



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