Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook , April 5, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... Such peaceful loveliness, the birds are singing the sun awake, the cats are playing, a cool breeze but not to cool, it promises to be a lovely day.

I am thinking...About the family home evening lesson we have for tonight. We are working on some of the kids Duty to God and Personal Progress items. It is fun working on these things together and seeing the kids like and dislike and seeing them get excited when they have completed a goal or a section in their books

I am thankful for...For the guidance we were giving this weekend at Gen. Conference. Such wonderful words from inspired people. I am thankful for a weekend full of guided inspiration.

From the learning rooms...Seven more weeks of school, well at least from this unit study. I have started planning summer school. Fun, not all day, life, are my focuses this summer. Yguy wants to be a chef so I will focus more on that item for him. Ashley wants to learn more womanly arts so I will incorporate more sewing, organizing, running a house, etc for her. She has recently been asking for this when she didn't want to before, I have teaching a little but now will step up the lessons to a willing student now.

From the kitchen...Today I need to bake bread and some bagels maybe...Not sure what I will make for bread breads. We still have 2 loaves of banana bread in the freezer I might just stay with that.

I am wearing...sadly for this my excercise clothing, but later I will put on a khaki skirt and blue and white top

I am creating...This weekend I created a skirt which is so much fun to wear. The color and pattern I love! I also finally finished one of my Emmeline aprons I have one more cut out and I need to get the constrasting fabric for it and then I will have 2 new aprons. I have a apron pattern a friend gave me that I would like to tackle soon but I am looking for just the right fabric for it. I also have fabric to make a light long tiered skirt hopefully I can cut that out today.

We are going...to move baby chicks today to their yard, work in the garden, me morning walk, Monday stuff...

I am reading...nothing at the moment

I am hoping...for many things

I am hearing...birds chirping....such a lovely sound

Around the house...we have te usual weekend mess, piles of laundry for my monday wash day, a load ready to hang on the line, the usual lived in house things.

One of my favorite things...fresh clean laundry off the line

A few plans for the rest of the week: seminary today, volunteer work, temple trip, hubby and I teaching a class at the YSA conference Saturday, Spending as much time as I can with my family.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Skirt and apron I worked on this weekend. The apron is reversable. I love them both such fun this to wear. I just love wearing items that I have sewn with my own two hands. It makes me feel so good

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  1. I envy you making bread, I have always wanted to but can't ever find the time.

  2. Your's is one of the posts that I look forward to each week! Thanks for sharing! I love the aprons, I too love to make things, although I haven't done any aprons! I also really enjoy fresh clothes off the line, but right now the weather here is not cooperating. Which is a bummer, I need to wash diapers and love them to hang on the line! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  3. Mandy thank you for such a lovely comment. I loved putting fresh line dried diapers on my babies. I miss having babies....But I am extremely blessed in other ways in this season of raising teenagers.



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