Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook , April 20, 2010


Outside my window...  a little overcast but it is early morning and will brighten up soon. The birds are singing to morning awake and that is such a lovely melody

I am thinking... of the things I need to do today and the things I need to do to continually to learn and to grow

I am thankful for... Jesus Christ and a Heavenly Father who loves me thru all my faults.

From the learning rooms... yesterday was homemade pasta for Yguy to make on his own for dinner. Today is replanting Zinnia seedlings into proper pots. And then of course we are on ancient Rome, a spelling test, math quiz....

From the kitchen...Biscuits by Yguy

I am wearing... my sweat pants I and Tshirt standard walking outfit and working in the garden outfit. After breakfast we'll be replanting those Zinnias but afterwards I will change into a green skirt and unbleached muslin top, both homemade. Of course an apron will top those as well at least for part of the day but most likely all of it.

I am creating...throw pillows for my bed. New bathmats for the bathroom using an old towel to make 2.

I am going...to town later today ugh.... I don't really want to.

I am reading... Luke

I am hoping... There are many things I hope for a few only Heavenly Father knows since they are a constant plead in my heart that I am doing what I need to be doing not just what I want.

I am hearing...The birds outside the window next to me, Yguy making biscuits, the dogs playing in the backyard...The usual morning noises

Around the house...we have a yard sale pile in the corner of the livingroom that we are slowly filling up for our May 1st sale. You would have thought I would have done this when we spring cleaned. A empty rubbermaid box sitting next to me that held a bunch of books it is now empty... I sold some on Cash4books and the rest I traded at the used book store in town $43.00 in credit I was a happy camper.
I have been selling them online a little but I was really tired of the trickling sales so I just unloaded them. And if feels good! Ash is working on her seminary lesson, the cats are bathing after eating breakfast, and the dogs are running around the backyard acting like they haven't seen each other in forever instead of just overnight.

One of my favorite things...homemade things, items we can buy yes but getting the satisfaction of wearing a homemade outfit, or eating a mostly homemade from scratch meal, or reusing to make a brand new item you need. I made laundry soap earlier this morning and that brings such satisfaction and joy.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a meeting with a friend to discuss the menu for girls camp since she and I are the camp cooks this year, kids youth, school, volunteer work.....

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...This is a pillow sham I bought last year at the thrift store there was only one and I loved it. Well I decided finally what I will do with it. I cut it in half and I am going to sew it to make to throw pillows for our bed. I had many ideas of what I could do with it but this one is what I want to do.

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  1. New bathmats from an old towel sounds intriguing to me. And of course homemade biscuits sound wonderful! Have a great day!


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