Friday, April 2, 2010

Would you like to take a little stroll with me this morning?

Take a little walk with me as I take my morning walk.....

Right outside the door the Hen and Biddies has blooms on it. I think it is root bound but it is so happy and this is a first to see flowers on it.
Wisteria blooming at the end of the walkway.
Down the road Dewberries are blooming, we can't wait to pick them for jam.
An old oak tree... We have lots of these we call them Water Oaks my dad in Florida calls them Black Jack Oaks. They have new leaves popping up all over and the old leaves are shedding like crazy. They make great mulch in the garden. I am standing just across the road from the cornerr of our property.
As we walk back up the hill on our property there is wild jasmine growing everywhere.
It is early morning so the dew hasn't dried and the cob webs are full of little droplets of water. You can see them everywhere.
The Dogwoods are blooming these are a little further down the trail leading deeper into our property. And we have been watching them unfold and slowly turn from a pale green to white over the last few days.
The Sassafras is starting to sprout leaves. You'll soon be able to see their signature leaves all along this part of the trail. Sassafras tea is so good, a summer time treat.
Towards the end of the trail the crabapples have these little pink buds all over them. I can't wait for them to open. This year I hope I can beat the birds and squirrals to the little apples. The persimmon hasn't started waking up yet.
Remember these cuties at Christmas time? Well at the end of our walk this morning she was waiting for me in one of the oaks by the house.They are out of the chicken house and all over the yard one even spent the night in an armadillo hole for some reason. They are Henny, Penny, and Chewy.

 Henny says, "Thank you for walking with us this morning and come back soon."


  1. Very much enjoyed the walk. We have three little ones that also were in the hen house. My children informed yesterday that they moved in with the pig. Big huge pig with three kittens. I am going to have to try and get a picture of this...

  2. I would love to see the kittens and the pig! See these little girls grow in the chicken house and start to explore and then leave the house was a treat. The hens could have cared less they kept laying eggs in that nest.


  3. OH what a lovely walk with you today! Everything is just speaking of Spring! :) I love reading your blog and keeping in touch through it!

    I am sending off a letter your way today! I am so sorry it has taken me so long - I am finally feeling like the morning sickness is subsiding and I can actually accomplish things without being exhausted on some days! lol

    Have a blessed Easter dear friend!


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