Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do you hear that?

Listen.....Opps sorry I can't put the sounds of the birds and the peaceful sounds of early morning on here for you. The sun hasn't even shown itself. I have soft music in the background but not loud enough to drown out that lovely sound. The peace of the morning if all the world could be this peaceful...

Hubby left early this morning, it is 6:20 right now, he hopefully will be able to come home at least for the afternoon session of conference. Yguy has a friend over they are camping out in a clearing behind the house. Ash is sound asleep she stayed up late watching a movie on the portable DVD player. And I am enjoying this morning splender.

I have a skirt to finish this morning not much left to do I am hoping to wear it today and dishes to wash. We had such a lovely evening sitting outside together I told the kiddos to put the food away and I would do the dishes well they sat till this morning. Why ruin such loveliness but now in the still of this early morning I will get to them and my sewing and enjoy this quiet solitude as I dip my hands in and out of the wash pan or while I watch the needle go in and out of the fabric.

Hope all have a blessed weekend and those of you who are watching our churches general conference enjoy....

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