Monday, May 3, 2010

Patchwork Curtains

I have wanted new curtains in our room for quite some time. But didn't want to do anything about it till I knew for sure what I wanted. This summer I am planning on painting our room when hubby and Yguy are at scout camp so that motivated me to think harder.

Last summer I went on a herb walk and in the little cottage the woman used for her office and herb bussiness she has these patchwork curtains that were so cute. The edges were frayed and I really liked them so I stowed it away in that filing cabinet in my mind until now.

I wanted to sell the mini blinds (which I really dislike) in our yard sale this past weekend and needed curtains so I took out my scrap bag and got to work first I cut long strips of the fabric I could and sewed them together, the edges out.

Yes, that is John Deere fabric leftover from a tie I made my hubby. :0)
The strips were 6 1/2 inches wide and then I cut those into 6 1/2 inch strips so I had a chain of sewed together 6  inch squares. I then sewed those strips together and started adding odds and ends here and there. I had no set plan and in 3 places the same fabric is next to each other. But oh well. Hubby liked it and so do I.
I then washed the finished curtain and dried it in the dryer. The finished curtain was then frayed I cut the extra long frays off and hung our new curtain.
Things I would do differently I needed more fabric to make it wider and I would have paid more attention when piecing it together but I like the final result and maybe one day when I have bigger scraps that will go with the green theme I will add to it to make it wider.

So This summer I will paint our room a soft green instead of the icky rose.

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  1. The curtain is lovely! Such a wonderful, homey idea!

    Mrs. White


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