Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week in Feminine Dress Day 4

Today hubby was home and we had a great day! And here is what I was wearing today on this 4th day of the Challenge. This skirt is made from the same fabric that I made day 2's blouse out of. It was made out of a Martha Stewart sheet I bought at the thrift store. I love this skirt it is so light and along with the homemade cotton slip it is very nice to wear in the summer time. The top is one my mom bought me for my birthday the Nov after Hurricane Katrina things were starting to normalize at least for us on the coast and to have something new was nice and made me feel good.

My cat Lucky is in the background, he didn't want to pose with me. I threw on Yguy's flip flops to take this pix.

We went to town after this and watched the Primary children have a talent show our children aren't in primary anymore but with hubby's calling the children love having him there. Then we priced some turkeys at the feed store, picked up some seeds, and came home.
One the way home on a country road I yelled, "Stop, red flowers!" Well, we had to stop and I had Yguy and hubby pick some cute little trumpet looking flowers and there some grape vines different from the wild ones we have growing at our house. They had little grape clusters all over. They are, I am hoping something besides the opossum grapes we have but we will see.

I followed this helpful post from Chiot's Run and am trying to root these splendid finds. I had the rooting hormone from something a few years back, her post help me find the courage to try again the unsuccessful attempt. Hubby and I also walked to the corner of our property and picked some honeysuckle to try and root.
Homemade newspaper pots idea from here and here. I also use toilet paper rolls which work great for things like squash that will need to go in the ground soon after germinating, these little pots are great for things that need to grow up some before planting. At least this has been my experience with them this year.

Have a Blessed Day,


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