Tuesday, June 29, 2010


While the boys were gone we stayed up late and slept in late the last 2 weeks have been a little topsy turvy at our house. But, Ash and I did go to a upick field and pick 6 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes and 2 of green peppers and hot peppers. We are are planning on canning salsa, spaghetti sauce, freezing sweet peppers, and canning the hot but that will be this week.

Friday night after watching 2 movies we decided to can up dewberry jelly. I had crushed and strained the juice out of some of the berries we had froze in the spring and so we canned it up. We used sugar free pectin and when we were all done we had 10 pints of yummy jelly. I have some apples no one will eat and so I will make apple butter with them. Such fun processing your own picked or grown goodness.

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  1. What joy and blessings you have Erika!

    The bounty is such a gift.

    simply, maria.


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