Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scout Camp (Camp Caveman)

The boys came back from scout camp early Saturday morning and they smelled, had lots of laundry, big smiles, and exhausted. They had so much fun the camp was called Camp Teancum but I call it camp cavemen. They just love running around the woods for a week, primitive camping, hubby using his ATV everyday, not having to take a bath except when they want, and playing capture the flag. Fun, Fun, Fun....
Yguy taking his rock climbing badge he loved doing this.
Yguy is the tallest here in the photo the other 3, one is his closest friend and the other 2 are good friends and the other 2 young men in our little branch. Yes, one has long hair he loves growing his hair out for locks of love.

Here all of them. 4 of them call me mom since I seem to answer to anyone calling mom whether its me or not they want. Ash and I went up for family night and we got a picture of all of our youth in our branch one of them is not but he is a close friend and like another son to us.

They had alot of fun but they are happy to be home.

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  1. Just dropped off my scout for a week of camp. Hope he has as much fun!


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