Friday, June 25, 2010

Rubies of Thought

Tuesday night, Ash and I watched The Passion...I have not seen it before I haven't had the desire to. Yguy watched it and didn't say much. He didn't like he had to read the subtitles.

Ash wanted to see it and  so I watched it with her. I cryed thru the entire movie. I am a visual learner so to see what I have been reading all these years was such a sensory overload. To see Mary following her son thru his day and not being able to stop what was happening really did it to me. Having a son die was hard for me but to have him die in that manner would have been undescribable and knowing it had to happen that way.

I would like to say it changed the way I am and that I will forever be changed. But I am human and striving daily to be a better person and it will not be an overnight change. But it helps me see the pain he went thru for me and brings things into perspective.

She maketh herself coverings of tapestry: her clothing is silk and purple Proverbs 31:22

This woman is a woman who doesn't flop around in her flip flops and cut offs she makes sure she is dressed in a way that will show that she is a daughter of God.  But, she isn't prideful about it. She makes what she wears and what is used in her home.

I think today isn't as easy to sew as it used to be. I can say most things in my closet are homemade but that is because I have found good deals on fabric and I use a pattern several times as well as loading up on 99 cent patterns at Hancock. Most everything else I have is thriftstore or major markdowns on clearance racks.

This woman uses her skills wisely and makes things for her home and her clothing and she makes sure she looks how she feels inside. A daughter of God, a princess, a queen of her home. But is humble, meek, and full of love and compassion.

Have a Blessed Day


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