Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our Blueberries
Our house is a little messy right now with painting and things going on. Tonight we are going up to camp for family night I hope to get the rest of the house straight today before hand.

Gourds, the don't grow well here at all. On the coast we had them growing everywhere but here the sandy acidic soil kills them. So I put them in a pot this year, they are doing much better. And are even bigger than his picture which is over a week old. They are climbing on the fence now.

Eggplant started from seed I didn't think they would do well. We have lost one from moles but they are doing great.

The meat chickens are growing and crowing one of them is very good at it. They love when I at out there in the garden. I will throw them scallop squash they love anything I throw in.

One area of contender green beans we have another area but I used a technique someone told me I had to use in sandy acidic soil and they are a flop. This patch is done the way I usually do it. This week they are covered in little purple flowers won't be long we'll be picking yummy beans. And in another area we have wax beans doing just as good.
Yguy's popcorn are doing great this year.

His watermelon too. When I came home from camp there were 3 big melons growing away on these vines in the pic there weren't any. And I took this a week before I left.
The tomatoes are taller than their stands. hubby brings me home flower stands that are throw away at graveyards and this year they aren't big enough. :0) I have been out there tying tomatoes up and today will probably add some other support. There are little tomatoes all over the place.

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  1. It looks like your garden is really doing well :-D

    It is such a pleasure to watch it grow !


    simply, maria


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